New Blog

Hello, World. Welcome to the newest blog belonging to the one and only April Loebick (Loebick, being such a rare surname, helps with this distinction). This blog is to be an account of multiple sides of me and my life.


I am happily married. In fact, today my husband Greg and I are celebrating our 9-year anniversary. We do not have any human kids, but are the proud parents of three wonderful corgis named Waffles, Twinkie, and Scotch (all part of a balanced breakfast). I will post pictures of my furry, four-legged children. I will share good news about my family.


Two of my most favoritest hobbies are reading and writing. The two are intricately connected. To be a good writer, one must be an avid reader. I have completed one novel–an epic fantasy, that I am currently editing to flush it out and possibly turn it into two or even three books. As I’m working on it, I am also fishing for publishers. I will post my progress on this endeavor. I also have 3 other stories at varying stages of completion (read: They ain’t done bein’ written, yet). I will also post any progress about these stories. I will also post on what I’m currently reading, and what I’m currently working on as a writer.


I am woman, and I am me. I will post certain things about myself that might not relate to writing or wife-dom–so this topic is sort of a hodge podge of me. I am a on a constant quest to get in better shape. I will post progress, and I will post any fun facts about this subject that I find. I am also a gamer. I will post about any fun games that I’m playing or my opinions on certain ones.


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