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The Beginnings Blogfest is an online blogging event spearheaded by L.G. Keltner (Blog: Writing off the Edge) that celebrates her one year blogging anniversary. To learn more about the event itself, visit her blog!

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One of the writing topics is the quintessential “Why I started my blog,” which in my mind is along the same lines of “What I did on my summer vacation.” There are other topics to choose from, but I figured I would stick with the Why I started my blog topic since it’s most related and the reasoning is still on my mind.

The Beginnings of Wife, Writer, Woman v2.0

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know that this is the second iteration of it. My first was actually a page that I kept up while my husband, Greg, was deployed. Plus, it was 2006 (GAH! that was 7 years ago!) and the new, cool thing to do at the time and all of the military wives in my neighborhood were doing it.

Below is a sampling of my first blog post on that site, typos and all (insert adult language warning here):

I despise blogging. Everyone thinks that their lives are interesting enough or that their view points matter so much that other people will be interested. Is mine going to be any different? Hell no. So then why am I doing it? Is it because it’s the cool thing to do? Nah, not really. I’m doing this to do one of two things. I crave attention and response, and while I have a basic grasp on how to build webpages, making it to where I can add comments to an actual page is something that neither my husband nor I have completely figured out yet, heh. And the other reason is…well, everyone else is doing it.

Wow, I sound bitchy. But come on, look at the word itself. “Blog” Breaking it down into sounds you have “blah” and “og” – not words that give off the prettiest connotation. “Blah” is usually an indicator of boredom and “og” is a noise that you make when you’re in distress. Or we can break it down into “Bee” and “log.” This one is even easier. Bees are fucking scarry with their stingers and things and they fly around buzzing around you, threating to sting you if you even move a muscle. Yes, Bees suck. “But April, what’s so wrong with the word ‘log?’ It’s just a part of a tree.” Well it’s also a synonym for poop. So you have bees and poop along with boredom and distress.

I guess another reason I don’t like the whole blogging concept is the fact that it is so embrassed by Prosti-tots(not my word, though I wish it were) to show off their pre-pubescent booties and breasts. It also gives them the false hope that their opinions matter – like why Martini’s are better made with Vodka instead of Gin… You’re twelve fucking years old. You probably snuck a taste of your mother’s Smirnoff Ice and thought you were drinking vodka, because it’s the same brand name.

But I digress. I’m actually sitting her laughing my ass off at the irony of this post. I’m blogging (still hate that word) about why I hate blogs. Okay, to make this better, I’m not blogging, I’m venting. Therefore no one has to read this. It’s like when therapists tell a person to write out their frustrations in a letter without sending it. That’s what this is. I’m writing out my frustrations with blogging, while doubting strongly that no one will really read this. Well, if I do have an audience, and still have your attention, I have to warn you that my ending will be anti climatic. No “killing whitey” no “fuck the police.” Just a good and simple, “So long!”

Now, six years later, I’ve reactivated the Wife, Writer, Woman blog, have given it a more mature writer, new hosting service,  new content, and a new purpose.

My reasoning behind activating it this time is pretty simple. I want my books to get published. Preferably, I’d like to get them published by a bigger publisher, but if it comes down to it, I will self-publish. No matter which way I wind up going, publicity is something that is more and more left up to authors themselves. I guess I’m still on the craving attention kick. But really, a blog is a free to cheap way of marketing myself both to publishers and to my potential audience–but they’re only effective if they are kept up-to-date and relevant. So I hope to keep this one a bit interesting for readers.

Plus, Blogging gives me an avenue to “publish” some of my random poetry and short stories that the world might not have otherwise ever seen (which in some cases may be for the better, but *shrug*–I’ll post the good and bad!)

So now it’s your turn! Do you blog? Why did you start?


8 thoughts on “Beginnings Blogfest

  1. I don’t really know why I started blogging. My tech savy significant other told me about it because he thought, as a writer, it might be something that would interest me. So I decided to try it out.

    Best of luck with your writing!

  2. I began a niche blog a few years ago mainly to learn how to format the posts, etc. My current blog really began to take off this year – and I found my writing voice for it. I truly enjoy the creative outlet.

    Visiting from Beginnings Blogfest.

  3. ““Blog” Breaking it down into sounds you have “blah” and “og” ” made me LOL. 🙂

    I think the blogosphere is packed with peeps who’re building author platforms – which makes it an excellent way of networking with folks who may later be prevailed upon to help promote your stuff. Of course, that’s not the only reason to connect w/other bloggers – I’ve been at this for a little over a year and have found it a wonderful way to connect with others and learn more about this writing/publishing business. And blogfests are definitely great ways to get your blog noticed. Have you heard of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge? It really helped me, in terms of bloggy exposure (which doesn’t sound quite right, but truly is a good thing). Here’s the linky-link, if you’d like to check it out:

  4. I love your first blog post! Hilarious – I love the snippy tone and the adult language. Probably because I’m $@*# bitchy too and my blog reflects it 🙂

    Visiting from L.G.’s blogfest – nice to meet you!

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