See what I did there?

Chuck & Beans from

I posted this cartoon to help me make a quick point. There will be typos on this blog. Generally, I do re-read my posts before hitting the “publish” button, and I have my wonderful husband look through my longer posts (especially my reviews since they get posted elsewhere as well), but errors will still be posted from time to time. I correct them as I find them, that’s what an editor is good for!

Wait a second, April. Aren’t YOU an editor?

Why, yes, yes I am. I can edit other people’s words like a champ, but when I go over my own writings, I read “WHOMP BLAH LALALA (oh, I need a comma there) RUFFLE CHEESE ROAR BLUEFISH (opps, used ‘their’ instead of ‘They’re’) OCTOPUS LALALALA BLURRINESS (Oh hey corgis, Aren’t you cute! *pet*) THERE ONCE WAS A MAN… (What should I make for dinner tonight?) PEANUT STRUDEL (Oh, I typed ‘And’ twice)…” And that’s how I catch some of my typos and errors, but not all.

I say this to implore you not to be a grammar dick. Nobody likes the snarky person who comments “Actually, you used the wrong its”–Trust me, I know the difference. I usually do some forehead slapping, and then I fix it. And guess what–when I DO fix it, I’m not going to remove your comment. Then who looks like the doofus?


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