I Lurve Books



I am a collector of books. I have everything from well-loved paperbacks to antique books to signed first editions whose spines will never be cracked. I do not let books go easily. I buy buy buy. Even if I already have a certain copy of a book, if I find a different edition of it, I’l probably still buy it. I think I have 4 or 5 copies of The Great Gatsby lying around in varying states of collectability. I buy books from yard sales and thrift stores all the time–that’s where I usually discover new authors. I look forward to my Birthday and Christmas every year, because I know I’m not only getting new, hardback books, but I also generally get Amazon giftcards so I can finish getting my wishlist.

I rarely get rid of books. It’s painful for me. I still even have most of my textbooks from college. I don’t think I sold back a single copy of my many literature anthologies. I have a couple of history and psychology books. I even have a couple of biology books lying about. (I did sell back any math and physics books, though, ick).

I have two huge ten-foot bookshelves in my living room that are slap full of books. I have another bookcase in our guest bedroom which is already overflowing as well. I also use some of my older or more special books as decoration about the house.

Not only do books have entertainment value, they’re great aesthetic pieces as well.

I saw all that to make a simple point.

I am a book nerd, and I love to read.


2 thoughts on “I Lurve Books

    1. Strategically stacking the book maze to where the biggest books are on the bottom and the smallest are on the top should reduce the chance of a book avalanche.
      Hrm…may have to try this book maze idea…

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