Yonah Mountain CONQUERED

The northeast U.S. is suffering the wrath of winterstorm Nemo, which of course means that we in North Georgia are having unseasonably warm weather. Spring fever hits hard and fast around here, hence the reason I’m usually buying gardening stuff by the middle of February. Today it hit me with the urge to go hiking. Greg and I love going on day hikes. We particularly enjoy hitting one of the many state parks that we have nestled around our area. However, we have lived in White County Georgia for over a year now, and we’ve never hiked the Yonah Mountain trail (part of the Chattahoochee National Forest). I’m glad that we waited until now. Yonah means bear in Cherokee (at least that’s what people around here say), and this mountain deserves the moniker  Greg and I are in the best shape that we’ve been in in years, and this trail whipped us a bit. It took us a total of three hours to climb to the summit and back down. And I have to say this, it was one of the funnest hiking trails that we’ve ever been on. We usually do leisurely hikes that are about 2-3 miles in total. The Yonah Mountain  trail is about 4.5-5 miles depending on how many of the side trails you explore. From the trail head tot he summit, the elevation rises about 1,400 feet. The trail can get a bit steep at times, and you have to climb over some boulders (one of the really fun parts), but that just made it all the more enjoyable when we reached the summit.  Below are the pictures from today’s hike. I’m refraining from showing you pictures of my blisters!

Click on a picture to bring up the full-sized gallery.


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