Five Fast Facts

  1. I painted doors today. I’m painting all the doors in the hallway/bedrooms from white to brown.
  2. I’m currently involved in playing Bioshock for the first time ever. It’s an older game, but Greg bought it for me to try out. I’m having fun with it so far, though the story hasn’t drawn me in as much as say the DragonAge/Mass Effect franchises.
  3. I didn’t learn to ride a bike until I was 12.
  4. Growing up, I lived in a Cattery (My mom raised Himalayan kittens), and we also had a skunk, a chinchilla, a squirrel, and a white-tailed deer (not all at the same time, mind you). We also had a host of dogs including Oreo the shih-tzu and Peanut the cocker spaniel.
  5. I have two scars on my neck that look like vampire bites, when in reality they’re just where I got mole removed and they didn’t heal properly.

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