Break Time and Time Wasters

Sometimes you just have to stop and do something mindless to reset your brain. I have a few website that I turn to when I just need a quick break from reality.

  1. Corgi Addict: I admit, I have OCD–Obsessive Corgi Disorder. Having three of my own, it’s easy to see that I love corgis. I check out this tumblr at least once a day. It’s nice to see how Corgis are loved the world over.
  2. Buzzfeed: Because I Totally need to see 37 pictures that will make me smile! Warning: this website will suck you in if you’re not careful. Hours will magically disappear. I generally try to stick to the cute animal lists/stories.
  3. Calming Manatee: I never realized before that I manatee telling you that everything would turn out okay would actually be a wonderfully theraputic site. I tend to go to this website when I’m feeling a bit down.


What websites do you go to when you need a break from reality?


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