Door Paintin’

Greg and I have had the spring fever upon us the past couple of weeks, which for us means that some sort of improvements are going to be made to the home. It’s too early to plant veggies or flowers, and it’s still too cold to pressure wash our porch, so that means something is going to get updated on the inside of the house. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had several small projects. We got new weather stripping for our exterior doors, we added a textured film to our front door’s window so that no one can see in it now, and we’ve painted our interior doors. The latter has definitely proved to be the bear of the bunch. You don’t really realize how many doors are in your house until you take them down one by one and slap three coats of paint on them. So far we’ve done 6/9 of the doors we want to tackle. We’ll probably finish up with the last three next weekend. The painting of our doors was a simple and cost effective way of improving the house.

We decided to paint the doors because ever since we moved in, the doors have been kinda gritty and dirty. They were marred up, had nail holes in them, and were covered in long, superficial scratches. Instead of just slapping another coat of white paint on them, though, we went with brown, thinking the contrast would add a little something to our hallway. It proved to be a good choice. The doors look great and the hallway definitely has more character.

What do you do when spring fever hits you a wee bit too early?



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