Definition of Me

Inspired by my internet friend, Jeff, I looked up “April” on Urban Dictionary to see what results came up, and they made me giggle. The first two that pop up are quite fun and apt.

1. A left-leaning, cultured, intelligent, down-to-earth chic that has tons of friends throughout the world. She’s a lover of cinema and ethnic cuisines, has a witty sense of humor and is a great person to get advice from. She’s the friend that is always there if you need her. She’s also fantastic in the sack.

“That chic is so awesome. What an April.”

So that one is fun and quite on the money, if I do say so myself. That IS me, especially that last part. It was the second definition that really hit the nail on the “April” head.

2.  A cool name, given to a girl. Appears to contain the magical property of forcing others to ask the same question when it is first heard, regardless of good sense.

“Hey, what’s your name?”
“Oh, so were you born in April?”
“Shut up.” 

An April born in July? BLASPHEMY!
An April born in July?

A truer statement has never been uttered. That is the first thing that anyone asks me after first learning my name, occasionally followed by “I bet you get asked that a lot?” Why yes, yes I do, and as a matter of fact, my birthday is NOT in April–yeah, I’m weird like that (or my parents were). I’m a July baby, and that fact just blows some people’s minds.

“Why are you named April then?”
“Why aren’t you named November?”
What does Urban Dictionary define you as?

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