Quotes about Blogging

“Every piece of content you write on a blog has to either solve a problem or entertain the reader.” –C. Hope Clark

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.”–Lee Odden

“…the blogosphere is the friend of information but the enemy of thought.” –Alan Jacobs

 “And it occurred to me that there is no such thing as blogging. There is no such thing as a blogger. Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.”–Simon Dumenco

“I think the pleasure of completed work is what makes blogging so popular. You have to believe most bloggers have few if any actual readers. The writers are in it for other reasons. Blogging is like work, but without coworkers thwarting you at every turn. All you get is the pleasure of a completed task.”–Scott Adams

What are your thoughts on blogging in general?


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