Savannah Breeze: A Review

savannahbreezeAfter losing her most of her financial assets to the dastardly Reddy Millbanks III, thrice-divorced BeBe Loudermilk sets out an adventure of self-discovery and revenge in Mary Kay Andrews’s book Savannah Breeze. She doesn’t lose everything to the cunning con-artist, however. She somehow retains the strenuous ownership of The Breeze Inn, a dilapidated old motor inn on Tybee Island, GA. The place is a disaster and comes with Henry, the inn’s not-so-happy manager. With the help of her Grandfather, her best friend (Weezie), and Henry, BeBe vows to take revenge on Reddy and get her money and her life back. Along the way, BeBe starts wondering what it is she really wants out of life.

The story is a fun ride where the characters know that what they’re doing might not be the most legal action in the world. There are laugh out loud moments and a few parts that’ll make the reader cringe (and then probably laugh some more). Throw in a bit of home renovation and a splash of yachting and you’ve got a entertainingly good time.  It makes for a great summer/beach read and if you’re not on the beach, it makes you long for it.

There’s nothing really deep going on here. It’s about as deep as a romantic comedy. Sure, the heroine wins the day and discovers her true self—but there’s nothing beyond that. And hey, sometimes that’s all that’s needed.  Savannah Breeze is Southern Chick-Lit at its best.

4/5 Stars


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