5 Time Management Tips

The blog over at Bookbaby.com recently published an article titled 5 Time Management Tips for Writers Who Work From Home. The list breaks down into these 5 headings (for full explanation of each heading, check out the original post).

  1. Minimize Interruptions
  2. Create a Loose Schedule
  3. Work When You’re at Your Best
  4. Schedule Breaks
  5. Utilize the Internet for Organization

The tips given on this list are good, general ones to follow for anyone who works from home, not just writers. Heck, in some cases, they’re good tips to follow for people with office jobs.

Bookbaby.com is a relatively new self-publishing/book promotion website. I am unsure of it’s reputation just yet, so proceed with caution if you go exploring their website. Remember, do your research and do it thoroughly before spending money.


2 thoughts on “5 Time Management Tips

  1. Glad I keep a trusty little note pad right beside me when I check out the newest posts coming through my Reader feed – those five tips are pure gold – thanks so much for putting them up.

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