B is for Book Review (Angels)

angelsAngels by Marian Keyes is your typical chick-lit read. The book, like most in the genre, is all about a woman in her 30s who goes on a quest to find herself. It’s a tried and true story, one that makes the reader (usually female) feel good by the end of the journey. The adventure along the way is fun and witty, mixed in with a bit of regret and sentimentality.

Maggie Walsh has a normal life. She’s married, has a stable job, and doesn’t get into any trouble. Then the bottom falls out. Her husband has an affair. She gets fired from her job. Her life, simply put, changes beyond what she is able to withstand. After spending a while wallowing in self-pity, she decides to hop a plane to Los Angeles to stay with her friend, Emily.

Maggie, of course, does not fit in with the so-called glamorous world of Hollywood. She’s a simple Irish girl. But through a host of new people and experiences (including a couple of tawdry affairs), Maggie grows and figures out what she really wants out of life.

Underneath the superficial girl-goes-to-Hollywood type of story, there’s the deeper, more emotional chronicle of Maggie’s life before and what leads up to her meltdown. Topics of homosexuality, miscarriages, and abortion are all examined. Keyes does a great job of weaving the serious with the silly.

Honestly, Angels is a good story. It makes for a great semi-mindless read and even better beach/summer read (or in my case, the beginning of spring-read that really makes me want it to be summer).

4/5 Stars


4 thoughts on “B is for Book Review (Angels)

  1. April, is your blog going to be about book reviews? I’d love it if it was. There’s so much “marshmallow fluff” out there these days it’s hard to find a good meaty book. Welcome to A-Z!

    1. I post book reviews quiet often, about 1-3 times a week depending on what I finish. I’ve been on a bit of “Marshmallow fluff” streak with my reading choices, but I do generally try things that are a bit more fulfilling.

      I don’t have a single theme for my blog just yet. I’ve only had this one running since the beginning of the year and haven’t found that special groove just yet. I do post a lot of book reviews, but also bits about writing, wellness, and whatever.

      Oh, and Corgis.

      Thanks for checking out the my blog and for the A-Z welcome!

  2. I’m not a chick lit fan but I know Marian is very popular here in Ireland.
    I love your review styles. I’ve done a couple but not sure I’m really good at it

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