G is for Giveaway Gratefulness!

I love author giveaways. I love them even more when I am the lucky recipient of said giveaway. Deanna Raybourn is an author that I love, and when I heard that she was writing a bit out of her norm, which is Victorian England, and instead focusing on Africa in the 1920s, I knew that I must read this new venture! So when she announced on facebook that she was giving away so many ARCs (Advanced Readers’ Copies), you bet I entered!

I didn’t win.

But then, due to the popularity of the giveaway, more books were slotted to be given away and another entry swarm occurred.

I didn’t win any of those books either.

But then, a third, glorious chance arrived after Deanna’s publisher decided to give 30 more copies to the giveaway cause. My chance had arrived! I knew that this was my lucky turn. I entered and patiently awaited the results.


I finally won a copy.

It made me so happy, I did a little, happy dance.

I received my prize in the mail today. So, up next on my list to read and review will be A Spear of Summer Grass by Deanna Raybourn.

Actually, next will be Far in the Wilds, a prequel novella to A Spear of Summer Grass.


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