K is for Kindle Eulogy

A few days ago, in the middle of reading The Nymphos of Rocky Flats by Mario Acevedo, I flicked my kindle (Gen 3) to its stand-by setting and was greeted with a portrait of Emily Dickinson staring up at me. I sat it down so that I could brush my teeth. When I came back and settled myself into bed and picked up my kindle, eager to resume reading. I went to go flick it back on and nothing. Ms. Dickinson remained. I tried it a few more times without success. Emily’s knowing smile seemed to grow as if she was mocking me.

My kindle has frozen on me before, so I went to my old stand-by fix. I forced it to do a hard reset. Or at least I tried. No matter how long I held that damned on switch, nothing happened. I switched tactics. In other words, I lost my patience. I shock the ever living crap out of it. As I did, I realized it was making a faint rattling sound. That’s when I realized the horrible.

My kindle had died.

Now it lays there, silently, just sitting on my night stand. Occasionally  I try to flick it on for good measure. Maybe, like some of my previous cell phones, it had fixed itself. But no dice. It is dead, and it is not coming back.

I mourn my loss, especially since my beach vacation is coming up, and now I’ll be on the beach, kindleless.

Oh, yes, my friends. I do have an iPad. I even have the kindle app on my iPad. So I was able to finish Nymphos, but it was grudgingly. My iPad is much heavier. I can’t read it in the sun at all, so that destroys any chance of electronic beach reading. Plus, I can’t sit down and read with it for long periods of time. The heaviness is a big issue, but also there’s the backlight screen. I much prefer the easy-on-the-eyes e-ink of the Kindles.

I do prefer to read my physical books, but the Kindle had so many advantages, especially when traveling. It’s much lighter than toting 3-4 novels when I have to go somewhere. And it was a life-saver whenever I waited until the last minute to get my monthly novel for my book club. What? The local stores don’t stock some crazy book about vampires, nymphos, and UFOs? KINDLE DOWNLOAD TO THE RESCUE!

So good night to my sweet Kindle. You kept me entertained for years. But now we give your earthly body back to the factory from which it came. Go in pieces peace.



4 thoughts on “K is for Kindle Eulogy

  1. Poor kindle.

    So have you started to consider a replacement? An upgrade? Something a little faster. A longer battery life.

    I’m sorry, that was really inconsiderate. You probably need some time to grieve.

    My kindle is still going strong. I’m hoping he’ll be around for a while yet.

    1. I will eventually replace it, but it’ll be just the cheaper, regular one. I don’t want the ones with the backlight screen. As for battery life, the Gen 3 would last me a month without having to plug it in, so battery life was never really a problem.

      I hope your kindle stays strong and lives to a ripe, old age.

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