Q is for Queries

Ever since I attended this year’s Blue Ridge Mountains Writers’ Conference, I’ve had a new desire to renew my publication search. For the first time, really, I’m sending out masses of queries. I’m focusing mostly on agents, but I’ve sent to a couple directly to publishing companies. I’m averaging about one submission a day, and have sent about 15 so far. Now time to sit back and polish up the ol’ emotional armor as I wait for the rejections to start flooding my inbox. But it will all be worth it as soon as I get that first “yes.”


3 thoughts on “Q is for Queries

  1. All the best! I hope you get that ‘yes’ really soon. I got one, but it came with a condition:’ if we decide to go that direction with our fiction list’… A year later they told me they wouldn’t, so as I’m getting on, I just went ‘indie’ instead, which is great, as I am starting to get good reviews on amazon…

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