T is for … o.O

I don’t have the filters turned on for my google searches. This has burned me before, so you’d think I’d learn to think before I google. While searching for inspiration for today’s post, I searched for “T is for…” — not realizing this was probably a mistake. The first thing that popped up, I kid you not, what a link to  EnchantedLearning.com’s Picture Dictionary. Innocent enough, and actually made for kids and educational purposes. I probably could have used it for inspiration and written a nice little entry about Tapirs or thumbs or something. It was the juxtaposition of that entry with the following STREAM OF YOUTUBE TRANNY PORN that really got me cringing and giggling. The front page was filled with porn, children’s educational sites, and toilets. I’m just glad that I didn’t decide to do my inspirational googling at work.

Life Lesson of the Day: Beware what you google when your filters are turned off.


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