Hell of a Week

I’ve been silent for a while. It hasn’t been the best week for me. Aside from the obvious depression that’s come along from the death of my grandmother, I’ve had other things just adding girth to the weight on my shoulders. After my grandmother’s funeral on Friday night, I came home to, not only a broken dishwasher, but my AC/Heater unit is on the fritz as well. I’ve buried myself in mind-numbing activities and have been avoiding my email/phone because it seems that every time I check, something else has gone awry. The good news is that I finished replaying the Mass Effect Trilogy again, this time with all the latest downloadable content and extended ending (totally awesome series, btw. One of the best video-games stories EVAH). I finally seem to be coming back out of it.

I say all this just to say that regular posts are coming back. I’m almost finished with Signs in the Blood by Vicki Lane. The review for it will be posted within the next two days. I also have a new workout regiment that I just started this month, so I’ll be posting about it. Of course, I’m way behind on posting my writing and workout stats, and I’ll be posting my Monthly review round-up for April (The month..and well for me…and well…I hate the month of April for obvious reasons), oh and I got a rejection from an agent which didn’t even phase me, but I’ll be doing a quick post about it at some point. So yeah, lots to catch up on. So stay tuned!

In the mean time, here’s a corgi dressed as a clown (from dailycorgi.com, original source unknown as of posting):



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