Summer Rental: A Review

SummerRentalSummer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews makes the perfect beach read, or in my case, the perfect read to get you ready for the beach. The fun story is full of sand, secrecy, and summer romance. There’s nothing too deep going on here, there are no surprising twists, and there’s nothing that the reader really has to think about. It’s just an entertaining story, pure and simple.

Ellis has just been downsized from her job. She needs this vacation. She and her friends, Julia and Dorie have been planning it for months, and Ellis has every last detail sorted out. But then Dorie’s sister, Willa, drops out at the last minute and so goes her share of the month-long rent. What was to be a month in Nag’s Head, North Carolina split four ways is now split into only three. From there, everything else unravels. The house, called Ebbtide, is in need of some serious TLC. There’s fleas, ants, and the kitchen supplies are sorely lacking. Ellis contacts Mr. Culpepper, the owner of the house to complain, not knowing that he is actually Ty Bazemore, the hottie living in the apartment over Ebbtide’s garage. It’s obvious from their initial annoyance with each other, that these two are going to fall in love.

But it’s the rocky journey to get there that matters. And Andrews makes getting from point A to endpoint B fun. Along the way, there’s danger, mystery, and, of course, an awkward shower scene. It’s got everything a girl needs to be entertained while soaking up some rays.

4/5 Stars


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