Totes Ab Fab

Yeah, I totally hate myself for titling this post that, but sometimes making an ass outta yourself is fun. Anyhoo, I mentioned a few days ago that I’ve mixed up my exercise routine a bit. This month, I’m doing something different than my usual cardio and muscle strengthening workouts. To change things up, I’m doing one of those goofy “30 Day <<insert muscle group here>> Challenge!” that you see floating around pinterest and facebook. I saw this one posted on a friend’s timeline and figured why the hell not. I needed a change in my workout routine. So below is the particular one I’m doing.

After the first week, I could tell that my muscles were being fatigued. I hurt for a while, but I gave myself an extra day of rest, and I haven’t had the extreme soreness since. I worked through it. I still do some cardio–at least 15 minutes a day. And my ab workouts are mixed in with other muscle groups. I’m just did day 13, and so far, so good. And while I don’t expect to have a 6-pack by the end of May, I can tell my abs are tightening and strengthening. It’s a nice feeling.

I am far from an expert, but I don’t recommend these 30-day challenges for everyone, hell, probably not for most people. Listen to your body, and make sure your technique is correct. You can seriously injure your back if you do these types of exercises incorrectly.

Click thumbnail to see larger image.
Click thumbnail to see larger image.

One thought on “Totes Ab Fab

  1. I am all for fitness posts 🙂 And I love that you’re challenging yourself. Abs are the hardest part to work because they take dedication but they are also the easiest to see results from the work. I took an “Ab Lab” class a the gym for a month and within 2 weeks (the classes were only 1 day a week, mind you) I was seeing my six-pack form and I hadn’t even finished losing my baby weight! Keep up the awesome work!

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