No One Likes Platypus Jr.

platypusEvery once and a while, something from the “FREE” section of the Amazon kindle site catches my attention. This time, it was a colorful platypus staring at me, and I knew I had to have it, because platypuses (platypi?) are cool. Yes, yes–it IS a children’s book, and I have no children. But hey, FREE PLATYPUS! So I downloaded it and immediately read it out loud to my corgis. I think they enjoyed it.

No One Likes Platypus Jr. is a cute picture book written and illustrated by Sean Q. Johnson. The illustrations are bright, eye-catching, and just all around well done. The text is easy to read for kids–in both the wording and the font. The words are not overly simplistic or childish, but are just challenging enough. It’s the story itself where a bit of an issue arises. The other animals seems like real jerks. They fun of him because of his looks and his inability to climb trees, fly, and etc, and and they don’t like him until he shows prowess at a sport. When Platypus Jr. shows that he’s good at swimming, he becomes popular. And somehow, from that, the other animals learn that they shouldn’t laugh at someone who is different. They didn’t even apologize!

This book may be a good way to bring up the subject of bullying with your young children. It’s a conversation starter packed into an attractive and cute read.

3/5 Stars


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