Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles #2): A Review

hexedHexed is the second book of the Iron Druid Chronicles written by Kevin Hearne (you can also read my review of the first book). In it, Atticus O’Sullivan is back and he brought his friends, both old and new, with him.

Being a druid, Atticus has never really gotten along with witches. However, the events of the previous book, Hounded, lead him to form a tenuous allegiance with the local witch coven, which was weakened severely by the events in the aforementioned book. Taking advantage of the diluted defenses of Tempe, another group of witches tries to move in and claim the territory. These witches aren’t so nice. Atticus and the local witches team up to fight against these malevolent invaders.

Trailing the bad witches is another group of baddies—Bacchants, also known as Maenads. They’ve come to wreak havoc using the tools of their god, Bacchus, namely, booze and unmitigated sex. To deal with them, Atticus seeks help from another ally, Laksha. Laksha is an Indian witch that Atticus first meets in Hounded. She agrees to help him with the Bacchants—for a price.

Also included in this story are a fallen angel, rocket-propelled grenades, The Virgin Mary, and a wily Trickster. As you can probably tell, it’s a tale packed with fun, mayhem, and adventure. It’ll keep you entertained and wanting more.

5/5 Stars


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