Two Little Girls in Blue: A Review

twolittlegirlsTwo Little Girls in Blue is a bit different from most of Mary Higgins Clark’s novels. This one doesn’t have a single/newly divorced/newly married woman moving to/visiting a new place who becomes entangled in some sort of murder-mystery plot. Clark actually veers a bit from her formula with this one. Instead, Kathy and Kelly, a set of 3-year-old identical twins, are kidnapped.

This book different from her usual fanfare, but that doesn’t make it a better story. It’s not bad, but it wasn’t really that enthralling, as you would think the “Queen of Suspense” should be. Her formulaic “who-dun-it” novels are actually better and more exciting. Clark doesn’t take any risks, and her readers know this, therefore there’s no real suspense. You KNOW that the girls are going to come home safely, albeit after a bit of an adventure which will probably land them in therapy for a few years.

The story is mostly told from the point-of-view of the kidnappers. A few times, the reader is allowed to see what the parents or police are feeling and doing, but mostly these parts are only here to reinforce the idea of “twin-telepathy”—which is relied on WAY to heavily in this book. Clark makes this phenomenon so overt that it becomes ridiculous. Multiple characters at multiple times say that “I don’t believe in this telepathy, but…” The sentiment becomes redundant and fantastical.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and fun read, I suggest over-looking Two Little Girls in Blue.

2/5 Stars


One thought on “Two Little Girls in Blue: A Review

  1. I remember reading this when I was in middle school. You are right for not suggesting it. I think its tailored more towards young adults and is not very engaging for older readers. Clark usually has a very bland writing style in my opinion and the story is always predictable. Nice review though 😀

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