In Which I’ve Pulled a Muscle

I woke up this morning feeling fine, a bit tight, but that was to be expected with the yard work I did yesterday. It wasn’t until I sat down at my desk and got settled in for a day of work that the pain started shooting through my side. I went through a list of things it could have been–pains that I’ve had in the past. Pneumonia? I did have other symptoms. I had unexplained exhaustion, shortness of breath, but I came to the conclusions that, nah, there was too much tenderness in the front, not so much my back. Ovarian cyst? Nope, too wide spread. Bending over, I realized what it was–I had somehow pulled a muscle. Or several muscles. I just know that something got pulled and my entire right side from bottom of my ribs to my groin is very much ouchies.

Now that that mystery was solved, the question was How did I do it? I know of at least four possibly causes of my pulled muscle:

  1. Gardening: I did a ton of weeding yesterday, which involved a lot of bending and hunching over. I also was using a mattock as a hoe. This could have easily irritated my obliques and abs on the right side.
  2. Fall #1: I literally had a rug slip out from underneath me. I bruised my hand, smacking it on the corner of my bookcase as I went down. The jarring could have messed me up good.
  3. Fall #2: Yes, I took 2 spills yesterday. I was on a roll! This one involved me slipping in the grass while pushing my non-self-propelled lawnmower up a hill. I fell hard onto my right knee.
  4. The Lawnmower Itself: This is probably the #1 suspect. Our push mower is getting on up in the years, and the past couple of times, it’s been difficult to get started. There was a lot of pulling the start string thingy.

Fortunately,  Ibuprofen helps dull the pain to manageable levels. Unfortunately, I’m going to be out of commission for a couple of days. I did arm-only exercises tonight, because I had to do SOMETHING (I really slacked this weekend), but I’m thinking that I may have to take tomorrow off completely. Maybe I’ll finally write up that rejection post I’ve been meaning to do for about a month now, since I’ll have the extra time. But I’ll make that decisions when I get there.

HEY! Time for more pain meds!

Until I return, here are a few pictures from the latest mini-hike on Yonah Mountain (we didn’t even go up to the first campsite area) which was done this past Saturday.


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