DeSoto Falls Hike

Today was absolutely beautiful. Greg and I had nothing better to do (naming today a “Lazy Sunday”) so we decided to go for a hike to a new place. Neither of us had been to the DeSoto Falls recreational area, so we decided to go there. It wound up being a nice leisurely hike through the woods.

DeSoto Falls is named after the Spanish Conquistador, Hernando DeSoto who apparently ran around aimlessly in through the woods of northeast Georgia (citation needed). The rec area actually has two waterfalls, the creatively named “Upper Falls” and equally imaginative “Lower Falls.” After passing through the picnic area and cross a bridge, you come to a fork. Right goes to the Upper Falls (3/4 mile), left goes to the Lower Falls (1/4 mile). We went to the upper falls, and then on the way back to the deciding zone, we decided that the hike hadn’t been long enough, so we went and saw the Lower Falls as well. All in all, we hiked about an hour. It’s a decently easy hike. The walk to the lower falls can be a teeny bit steep in a small area and might challenge someone who’s not in good shape, but there are nice benches that line the trail for anyone who needs a breather.

(click on the thumbnails to view larger images)


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