That Time Scotch Trapped Himself

Back a few years ago when Greg was a Biology undergrad, he took part in an independent study researching raccoon and possums. About once or twice a week he would go out to the field research area and set traps in hopes of catching said critters. Early the next morning, he would go out, examine and radio tag any raccoon or possum that he caught. The traps were baited with cat food. Needless to say, every so often, he caught some animal that wasn’t part of the study. One morning he went, there was a GIANT bullfrog. The frog was big enough to set off a raccoon-sized box trap.

But this post isn’t about that. This post is about one day when he went out to initially arm the traps.

The place where the research took place was in the middle of nowhere in a large pine forest. It was the perfect place to bring the pups and let them run around while Greg was setting and baiting the traps. On this particular day, he was doing just that, while Scotch, who was still a puppy at the time, was following him around. Greg’s phone went off and he answered it, all the while moving on to the next trap. When he gets done with his phone call, Scotch is no where to be found. He calls and calls for the little guy, but Scotch doesn’t come running.

And then it hits Greg and he knows exactly where Scotch is. After trekking back to the last trap, this is what he found:

The allure of the cat food had apparently proved too much for the little guy.

This happened back in February 2011, and still, every time I come across these pictures, it makes me giggle.


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