It’s My Birfday

I’m gonna sip Bacardi like it’s my birfday! *dance*

Okay enough of that!

In addition to my new kindle and the super awesome kindle case, Greg got me a couple of digital books (Royal Assassin and Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb) and a kick-ass t-shirt that I’ve had my eye on for a while, a Wizard of Oz/Hayao Miyazaki mash-up (pic/link below). From other people I received gift cards, cash, greeting cards, lots of happy wishes from Facebook…

And a timely agent rejection notice!

I actually kinda laughed when I read it, not that it was a bad one by any means, just at the irony of it. It was the black fly in my chardonnay. It was the free ride when I had already paid!


Anyhoo, it was actually a pleasant rejection that didn’t seem too overly formulaic, so it made me a bit happy. I’ve received several rejections over the past couple of months that have told me similar things (those that weren’t a form rejection anyway), and that’s that my sample didn’t “grab” them. So now I have a goal. I must work at making my first couple of chapters more exciting and “grabbing.”

Back to the grindstone!

click on pic to buy one for yourself


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