The Companions (The Sundering #1): A Review

companionsThe Companions by R.A. Salvatore is the first Salvatore book I’ve read in a couple of years, but am I glad I came back with this one. Thanks to my husband giving me a brief synopsis of the major plot points that I had missed, I had no problem jumping right back into the story.

Catti-brie, Bruenor, Regis, and Wulfgar, all friends of the dark elf, Drizzt Do’Urden, have all died in previous books. This book picks up with their arrival in a quasi-afterlife where they have been brought by the goddess Mielikki. Catti-brie, who’s been dead the longest, explains that they were all brought there because Mielikki was offering them another chance at assisting Drizzt. Catti-brie, Regis, and Bruenor all decide to be reborn, while Wulfgar decides to continue on to his afterlife.  The three companions agree to meet in their 21st year in Icewind Dale.

They are then reborn into the world, fully aware from birth of their previous life. And for 21 years, they each live their own lives knowing that their goal is become better companions to Drizzt during what Mielikki saw as his time of need.

The book focuses on the three companions, switching the point of view each chapter. Their birth, childhood, and beyond are explored, each having to go through their own trials and tribulations. The struggles of all three are both internal and external. Their self-awareness and single-minded focus prove to make for interesting stories.

This book has piqued my interest and has me involved in the Drizzt stories once more.

5/5 Stars

Note: A digital ARC of this book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

The Companions will be available for purchase August 6, 2013


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