Royal Assassin (Farseer Trilogy): A Review

royalassassinRoyal Assassin by Robin Hobb is the second book in the Farseer Trilogy. The trilogy itself follows the story of FitzChivalry, bastard son of the late Prince Chivalry, through his training as the king’s assassin. Fitz is swore to serve the Farseer royalty, but becomes conflicted after learning the treacherous deeds of Prince Regal.

Royal Assassin picks up within weeks of where Assassin’s Apprentice leaves off with Fitz still recovering in the Mountain Kingdom. The poison given to him by Regal has lasting effects and causes Fitz to seize when he becomes overly excited. He must overcome this illness and general teen angst in order to regain some control of his life.

When Fitz returns to Buckkeep, he finds an ailing king, who becomes worse over time. King-in-Waiting Verity is distracted by war with the Red Ship Raiders and is failing to take notice of his new wife, Kettricken. Once the newlyweds do find some common ground, it is only to come up with a new, desperate strategy to fight the Red Ship Raiders. Verity decides to go on a quest to find the legendary Elderlings, leaving his queen and King Shrewd in Buckkeep. While he is gone, Shrewd quickly deteriorates and Regal’s schemes become more and more devious.

At almost 700 pages, this book is packed with lots of intricate story and all of it is enthralling. Hobb does a superb job interlacing everything together into a cohesive and engaging story. The trilogy itself is a unique perspective into the fantasy genre as it brings in new types of magical mythos and storyline. It’s a series that fits perfectly into the library of any lover of fantasy or epic revenge stories.

5/5 Stars


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