Tallulah Gorge Hike

Because it was another beautiful weekend, Greg and I decided to try out a new hiking spot. This time, we went to the famous Tallulah Gorge State Park and went along some of the rim trails. We did NOT take the hike down into the gorge. While the 1000+ steps (one-way) themselves wouldn’t normally have intimidated me, I’ve been having too many problems with my hip lately to tempt the fates, so we decided against it. Tallulah Gorge is breathtaking, but honestly was not even in the top ten of my favorite hikes. It’s more of a tourist attraction than a nature hike.  We’d pass by large groups who were laughing and yelling, half of them were fiddling around on their phones. I kept expecting to see someone with a large camera around their neck sporting Mickey Mouse ears. And while the views were amazing, there was almost a museum quality to them. You could look, but couldn’t really touch it, couldn’t really experience the majesty that should have been there.

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One neat thing we did learn on this trip is that there’s a good possibility that Nik Wallenda may be performing a skywalk across the gorge in 2015. He’ll be following in his great-grandfather, Karl Wallenda’s footsteps who walked (and preformed two headstands) across  the gorge in 1970. Nik Wallenda was recently featured on a Discovery Channel special where he skywalked across the Grand Canyon.


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