Writing and Workout Stuff: July 30-Aug 11

I put stuff in the title instead of stats because most of my stats usually involve my workout times. Well, for this installment, you get excuses instead. I had worked out a couple of days up until last Sunday when I was hit upside the head by a metaphorical two by four and came down with a summer cold, and today, a full week later, was the first day I’ve felt even remotely as if I could work out. I did, a bit. I did one of the most pathetic excuses for a exercise ever–a 30 minute, slow and with little to no resistance, recumbent bike ride. I burned a total of 100 calories, at least that’s what I burned according to the machine. It was probably more because I began hacking and wheezing about half-way through the routine, just because my Mucinex had started to wear off.

BTW Mucinex, aka guaifenesin,  is the most nasty smelling stuff ever, and I’ve been having to take so much that the stench is excreting itself through my pores, but at least it’s helped me breath over the past week.

Anyhoo, so that’s why my regularly scheduled workout stats are no shows. However, I have been able to get some writing in, so that’s good.

July 30: 332 Words

July 31: 781 words

Aug 1-4: Nothing.

Aug 5: 1,149 words

Aug 6: 395 words

Aug 7-9: Nothing

Aug 10: 460 words

Aug 11: 961 words

With all this writing, I’m proud to say I just finished up the climax of my latest work-in-progress. I did a little dance today when I closed out Word. Now it just needs a bit of post-action resolution and maybe a short epilogue teasing a possible follow-up. Perhaps I’ll have this NaNoWriMo inspired book done by the next NaNoWriMo.


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