Assassin’s Quest (Farseer #3): A Review

AssassinsQuestAssassin’s Quest is the third and final book in the Farseer trilogy written by Robin Hobb. Luckily, books don’t tend to suffer the same horrible fate that movie trilogies do (i.e X-men, Spiderman, and well…I’m sure there’s some non-Marvel movies out there that follow the same pattern). All three books in this series have been absolutely masterful in both storytelling and character development.

***If you haven’t read the previous Farseer books (I’m looking at you, husband), then read no further. Major spoilers lie ahead***

Assassin’s Quest picks up with Fitz’s soul temporarily contained inside of Nighteyes’s (his wolf) body. He is only one with the wolf for a short time, but almost loses his humanity. The first few chapters are him coming back to his own body and coming back to terms with being a human. When he finally does regain a sense of self, he sets out on a quest to kill the imposter king, Regal, but is deterred. Using the magic known as Skill, the true king, Verity calls Fitz to him, and Fitz begins the quest to search for his king.

There are many perils along his journey. Regal hunts Fitz. The forged ones are still running around. And the Red Ship Raiders are still raiding and pillaging.

The Farseer trilogy is one long coming-of-age story. Each book in this series represents different stages of Fitz’s life, and each book has been dramatically different from the others. The stories grow and become more complicated as Fitz himself grows and becomes more complex. It is a must read for any lover of high fantasy, and honestly, I would recommend this series to any lover of unique and well-told stories.

5/5 Stars

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