Lost Light (Harry Bosch): A Review

LostLightLost Light is one of many crime novels written by Michael Connelly that features Harry Bosch. Published in 2003, it’s one of the novels written during our illustrious hero’s short retirement. After being asked to look into an old case by another former cop (who, after being shot a few years previously, is now completely paralyzed from the neck down), and finding extra time on his hands, Bosch delves back into detective work. It’s one of those cases that got away from Harry when he was on the force, so he’s more than happy to reopen the investigation, albeit with limited resources since it’s unofficial.

The case involved a movie assistance who was murdered. The murder itself caused little waves, but when a few days later, the movie she was working on was the target of a $2 million robbery, the case blows wide open. Unfortunately, neither case was solved at the time. Four years later, Bosch is back on the case.

The investigation quickly becomes complicated, but fortunately Connelly is a master at building mystery and suspense. Over the years, Bosch has grown from being just a gruff and brash cop to a deep and complex character who actually grows through the series. This book in particular ends with a catalyst that forces Bosch to develop once more.

I always love finding a new Michael Connelly book that I haven’t read before, especially the Harry Bosch novels. Lost Light is particularly stunning with just enough twists and turns to be engaging instead of off-putting with ridiculousness. The Bosch novels are always good for a quick, exciting read.

4/5 Stars


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