Callander Square: A Review

CSquareWritten by Anne Perry, Callander Square is the second Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novel set during the Victorian Ages. In it, Charlotte and Thomas have married, even though it meant Charlotte losing her place in society. Her new role of wife to the inspector fits her better than that of the upper crust. And now, she is pregnant.

Aside from the events of the previous novel, The Cater Street Hangman, Charlotte has mostly stayed out of Thomas’s business when it came to his police work, but when two dead newborns are found buried in the gardens of Callander Square, she is inevitably pulled into the mystery. Callander Square is a fashionable, higher class area. Propriety and the odd social rules of formal society make the investigation more baffling and complicated. Eventually, two more bodies are added to the quagmire, prompting further, more dangerous, investigation.

Perry’s books are murder mysteries with a touch of Victorian Class, which is uniquely entertaining. However, this story suffers from the same downfalls as her first novel. The point of view jumps around too much, the questioning becomes repetitious and tedious, and once again there’s the abrupt ending. The “bad guy” is revealed on the last page with no follow-up. There is very little sense of closure. This book is good, however, if your just looking for a short, weekend mystery.

3/5 Stars


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