Writing Prompt #1: The Lone Shoe

One of the weird things you always find on the side of a highway are random shoes. Write a story about how that shoe came to be on the side of the road and make sure to describe the shoe.


My Contribution:

     The Mamas & The Papas played on the radio, belting out their California dreams. Stacy longed to feel the sand between her toes and sunlight on her hair. They hadn’t gone that far south, yet, but she could already feel the air warming. Unable to contain her joy any longer, she reached down and rolled the passenger window of the old Toyota down, causing a vortex inside the car which blew and tangled her bleach blond hair every which way.

      “Jesus, Stacy,” Jeremy said. “You could have warned me!”

     “Lighten up,” She replied as she tied her frenzied hair back. It wasn’t a smooth pony tail, but it would keep her hair from whipping her in the face. She sat back and propped her feet up on the dash.

      “You know, if we get into an accident,” Jeremy said. “That airbag will blow and both of your legs will be broken.”

     “Then I suppose you shouldn’t get us into any accidents, dear brother,” Stacy said as she wriggled her toes about, admiring her neon orange and yellow pedicure. It matched perfectly with her bright yellow dollar store flip flops.

     “Whatever, Stacy. Just don’t blame me when you’re folded in half.”

     Stacy rolled her eyes and shifted a bit. She moved one foot off of the dashboard and stuck it outside the window.

     Jeremy started to open his mouth to tell her that wasn’t any better, but he decided against it. They were supposed to be on vacation. It was the first without their parents. They were seventeen and told to go wherever, as long as they stuck together. So far they had only been in the car for 3 hours. Florida was still 10 hours away. There was no way the siblings could go that long without killing each other if they continued to bicker. Jeremy just shook his head and let it go.

     Suddenly, there were red lights in front of him. He didn’t have a moment to even think. Using both of his feet, he slammed on the breaks.

     “Shit!” the twins yelled in unison as they were jerked forward.

     A moment later, they were taking stock of their situation. The car in front of them was still a good foot away. Stacy’s legs had not been broken, and her one flip flopped foot dangled out the window. She laughed dryly and, clutching her chest in mock heart attack, fell back into her seat. Jeremy joined in on the relieved laughter.

     A deep honking horn broke their reverie and the semi that was behind them, unable to slow down, swerved to the side of the highway. It plowed through the grass, a mere couple of inches away from the little Toyota.

     Stacy screamed as the big 18-wheeler clipped the side mirror, and she jerked her foot back inside the car. A split second later, and the semi was safely yards ahead of them.

     The twins looked down at her foot. Stacy prodded it, but there was no pain. Further inspection revealed there was no breaks or bruises. However her bright yellow flip flop was gone. A cursory glance out the window revealed nothing. Even later, after the cops had come and after the ambulances were sent away, they searched. The flip flop was nowhere to be found.

     After the brush with death and the loss of shoe, Stacy and Jeremy summarily decided to go back home. They no longer felt the need for vacation. They wanted the safe, sheltered walls of home. They wanted mom and dad and a good home-cooked meal. So they turned the car around and drove three hours north.

     The radio stayed quiet and Stacy’s mismatched feet stayed glued to the floor.


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