Wednesday Writing Prompt #3

Write a poem or descriptive narrative using the following five words: Azure, Roaring, Glass, Fishy,  & Joy

*   *   *

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The fishy smell of the ocean filled her nostrils. When she first arrived at the beach, the smell of the sea and decay disgusted her, now she couldn’t live without it. The ocean was roaring today, the waves crashing wildly on the shore. She felt the sand smoosh between her delicate toes, and she wondered how on earth something so powdery and fine could be made from the same stuff as glass. The waters, though azure in the distance, lapped at her feet with clear purity. She took another deep breath, taking it all in on the inhale. On exhale she smiled, feeling the utter joy of here and now. This place was peace. This place was contentment. This place was home.


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