Diadem: Book of Signs — A Review

bookofsignsThe second book in John Peel’s Diadem series is called Book of Signs. It picks up just moments after Pixel, Score, and Helaine jumped through the portal at the end of the first book (Book of Names). They find themselves closer to the heart of the Diadem, on a world where their magic is more powerful. This new planet is known as Rawn and is home of Shanara, a shape-shifting wizard.

On Rawn, the chosen three meet many new and interesting creatures including goblins, trolls, centaurs, and giant wyrms. They must face the perils of this new world all the while trying to make their way to Shanara, whom they must meet for better or for worse in order to move on to the next world. All the while, they must learn to better control and focus their magic. Along the way, they also find more clues as to why they were chosen for this world-jumping journey.

Book of Signs continues the story and action flawlessly from the first book. There’s still that since of adventure (and a bit of nostalgia, as I rediscover the really fun parts). Pixel, Score, and Helaine are all three growing as characters as each discovers new ways to look at their magic and at each other. A wonderful addition to one of my favorite YA Fantasy series.

5/5 Stars


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