“Waffles The Brave”

Ever since we heard about the legend associated with corgis–that they’re fairy mounts–Greg has been toting around the idea of of them being battle-mounts, complete with armor. He often waxed poetically of how he would draw them if only he had the talent. He and I created an entire world in words about armored Corgis, and their arch enemies, the Worgis (based on Worgs/Wargs, of course, just with short legs).

I found Grant Searcey‘s business card one day (at a display during the Dahlonega Literary Festival). The owl painting on the card was so awesome, that I just had to check out the rest of the artist’s work. So one day, Greg and I went strolling around the historic square in Downtown Dahlonega, and stepped inside the studio. We fell in love with Searcey’s work. Afterword, Greg confided in me that if anyone would be able to bring his idea of battle corgis to life, it would be Grant.

Back earlier this summer, I approached the artist, and we discussed the possible painting. A few months passed with us communicating back and forth, me sending him pictures of Waffles (our eldest and the inspiration behind our Battle Corgis).

Yesterday, I was able to surprise Greg with an early 10-year anniversary gift.

I give you “Waffles the Brave” by artist Grant Searcey


A flattened image of the fully-painted canvas. If you share this image please, PLEASE credit the artist, Grant Searcey, and link back to his website: http://www.grantsearcey.com/


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