Writer TruFax.

Some wonderful, encouraging, and insightful writing tips from YA author, Hillary Monahan

Hillary Monahan

Fast and dirty today:

  • NO happens. There is no absolute NO in writing. NO should be loosely translated as NOT FOR ME PERSONALLY and there should be much moving on from NO.
  • Every writer gets a NO or forty. Every writer. Even your favorite writers got rejected by someone at some point in time.
  • Rejection hurts. It’s okay that it hurts. Cry it off if you have to, but if you really want this career, make like Dory and keep swimming.
  • There is no Secret Professional Writer Club. Do you write? Has someone paid you for your writing that’s not your mom? BAM. Professional writer.
  • Not all books sell after three days on submission. Some books take time. My debut took fourteen months of no news and a rewrite to land at auction.
  • Do not settle for the easiest deal. Easiest is often not the best. Anything worthwhile takes work…

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