Diadem: Book of Magic–A Review


Book of Magic is the third volume of John Peel’s Diadem series. It continues the story of Helaine, Score, and Pixel as they make their way closer to the heart of the diadem. Picking up from the end of the last book, the story has the three companions arriving on a third-tier world called Dondar. Dondar is home to the most mystical, magical creatures—unicorns.

When they arrive, Helaine, Score, and Pixel meet up with three unicorns—Thunder, Flame, and Nova. Thunder is leader of the local herd, and the three heroes just so happened to enter Dondar right in the middle of his territory. At first, Thunder does not trust them, but agrees to see them to the borders of his land. Along the way, the companions are attacked by elemental monsters: rock, fire, water, and air—which they defeat using their magic and powers of reasoning. They realize that a powerful wizard must be behind the attacks, and they go in search of him or her.

Later on, Helaine, Score, and Pixel are transported to Jewel—the heart of the Diadem, where they must face their most challenging foe, yet.

This book is the conclusion of the first over-arching storyline of the Diadem series, but it leaves the ending open enough to where there could easily be more adventures (and there are!). This series is fun and exciting, and perfect for an avid reader 8-12 years old.

5/5 Stars


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