Wednesday Writing Prompt #8

Use the following items in a short-story, poem, or descriptive narrative:

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Blackberry Jam
  • Pocket Knife
  • Safety Goggles
  • Extension Cord


The Very Angry Magician

By April Loebick

It all started with some turquoise-colored rubber gloves and a pair of clear safety goggles. A fun new game started forming in his head. Mikey, or Little Mikey as his family loved to torture him with the nickname, searched the entire house to find what would be the rest of his attire. He found an old white apron in the closet. His mother gave him an old tattered yellow bath towel, which she expertly pinned to his shoulders.

Now he was ready to begin. While no one was looking, he stole away into the kitchen and yoinked a half eaten jar of blackberry jelly, whispering “yoink” as he did. With a ninja-like expertise, Mikey snuck back out of the kitchen, bobbing and weaving behind furniture, and into his room. He shut the door softly, so as not to make the slightest noise and make anyone suspicious.

Mikey turned to his partner in crime. “Well Mr. Booger, I have everything that we need. Did you get the extension cord?” The extension cord was placed in the teddy bear’s lap, just where Mikey had put it earlier. “Good, good,” he said, taking the cord. Out of his pocket, the little boy pulled out a small pocket knife that his father had secretly given him on his last birthday.

He snapped the goggles on over his eyes and set to work.  His tongue stuck out as he maneuvered the knife.  Occasionally, he stopped to admire his handy work. And then finally, he was ready.

Minutes later there was a snap and a scream heard from Mikey’s room. His mother dropped the plate that she had been drying. Luckily it was one of those chip-free plates, so when it hit the ground it only bounced and rolled underneath the dining room table. She ran to her little boy’s room and swung open the door.

The sight sent her bursting into laughter. Little Mikey was standing in the middle of the room. In one hand he held an expertly stripped electrical cord (she was going to have to talk to his father about that). And in the other hand was an almost empty jar of blackberry jelly. The rest of the jelly was covering the walls of the room and the body of her little boy. Even the boy’s beloved Mr. Booger did not escape the mess. He was covered from fuzzy ears to fluffy feet with globs of the dark purple goo.

“Well aren’t you just the messiest mad scientist I’ve ever seen,” his mother laughed.

Mikey looked up at her with an annoyed look on his face. “I’m not a mad scientist, mom. I am a very angry magician.”

His mother was in tears because she was laughing so hard. Mikey simply stared at her as a glob of jelly fell off of his cheek onto the floor.  Once she caught her breath she motioned to her son. “Come on; let’s get you and Mr. Booger cleaned up.”


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