Mistborn (The Final Empire #1): A Review

misbornMistborn is the first book in Brandon Sanderson’s fantasy series, The Final Empire. It took me about two chapters to really get into the story, but once I did, I was hooked. Solid writing, world-building, and engaging characters make this a more than enjoyable read.

The story revolves around Vin, a street thief with trust issues, who, following fantasy tropes, is more than meets the eye. After meeting Kelsier, a rebellious Mistborn, she realizes that she, too, is a Mistborn. Mistborns are special people who have the power to use all metals in Allomancy—the “magic” of this world. Most allomancers are considered “Mistings.” Mistings only have power over one of the metals. The intricacies behind allomancy can be a bit confusing, but Sanderson lays it all out in a way that the reader can eventually pick up the idea with no problem.

Together with a host of other minor, albeit well-developed, characters, Vin and Kelsier set about to rebel against the tyrannically Lord Ruler, who is thought to be an immortal sliver of God. Under his reign, the people known as skaa are slaves. The skaa are a brow-beaten people, but Kelsier hopes to enliven them and insight the skaa into an uprising. Throughout the story, Vin is transformed from a meek and ever-suspicious street urchin to a charming and more trusting young lady. She also becomes quite the allomantic bad-ass.

This first book is an exciting journey and I am excited to read the rest of The Fallen Empire series. I definitely recommend it to any fan of fantasy.

5/5 Stars


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