Diadem: Book of Nightmares–A Review

nightmaresBook of Nightmares is the sixth book in John Peel’s middle grades series, Diadem. It is the last of the original books published by Scholastic (the series was rebooted in 2005 by  Llewellyn Publications).

Pixel has been kidnapped and taken to the world of Zarathan, the most dangerous planet that our trio has visited. With help from Shanara and Blink, Helaine and Score travel to Zarathan to save their friend. They go there with a dire warning: do not fall asleep, no matter what. Sleep means death. The three must struggle to find a way off of Zarathan, battle off the bad guy of the book, and fight sleep, all while completely exhausted.

Finishing my reread of this series is a bit bitter sweet. Perhaps one day, I will pick up the new books and give them a go. But for now, my journey through childhood nostalgia has ended.

5/5 Stars

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