Stormy Weather: A Review

stormyStormy Weather is one of the many novels written by Florida Author, Carl Hiaasen. It has all of the classic elements of a Hiaasen novel: A Florida setting (duh), a couple of scammers, a message about the preservation of natural Florida, and at least one person who’s slightly off their rockers.

Stormy Weather doesn’t just revolve around one or two characters, there’s a whole cast. There’s Bonnie the newly-wed, Augustine the rich skull juggler, Edie the beautiful con-artist, Snapper the ugly con-artist, Skink the crazy former governor, and a host of other, minor characters. The characters’ stories are all very different, however, due to the strange events that follow a devastating hurricane, their lives get intimately entwined. There’s murder, monkeys, money, shock collars, and more.

Though entertaining, there’s nothing new here. Though specific acts can be a bit wild and unpredictable, the overall story is safe, comfortable, and predictable—in-so-far as it’s a Carl Hiaasen story. It’s worth reading, but it isn’t memorable.

3/5 Stars


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