Quick Writing Update

A couple days ago, Greg and I finally finished the first draft of chapter two of the book we’re working on. It came in at ~18 pages/5,500 words. It was an intense chapter with some heebie-jeebie moments that were a bit difficult to work through, but we did it.

This chapter included references to pygmy sheep, which will be cropping up again later!

Now on to chapter three and slightly less cringe-worthy story.



2 thoughts on “Quick Writing Update

    1. Daniel,

      Thank you for visiting loebick.com and for the question!

      It is a bit of a task, but my husband and I have partnered in many things–including being a power-team in any class that we took together during our time in college. We have a history of working incredibly well together. That being said, it is still a different beast writing a book together.

      To begin, it took about three weeks for us to finish our outline. We wanted a clear direction for our story before we even began writing the first chapter. Over the course of completing the outline, our story morphed and changed a lot to the point that we were both incredibly happy with it and it looked little like what we had originally envisioned. After we hammered out the outline, we first began writing the prologue and chapters using the same technique–literally sitting next to each other and hashing it out word by word. We soon found that it didn’t work as well. So what we do now and what seems to work well for us is that one of us will write about 100-600 words worth of story. The other will look it over, add in details, and polish it up. Then together, we look over that section. If we’re happy, one of us will continue writing the next section.

      We don’t necessarily take turns writing sections either. The way that we are writing meshes both of our writing styles together to make it less choppy and much more of a homogenization of both of our voices.

      It’s been an incredibly journey so far, and we look forward to continuing the story and seeing it through to the end.

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