I Am A Hobbit

*Soon to be published in The Stonepile Writers’ Anthology, Volume III–edited by yours truly*

I Am A Hobbit

I am a Hobbit.
No, I don’t mean that I have large, furry feet,
Nor that I am short,
Though my stature isn’t tall.

I mean that I love my little hobbit hole,
My home, my family, my creature comforts.
I enjoy leisurely sipping at my coffee,
Or savoring a bit of fine wine.
I enjoy food immensely,
Eating and cooking it to boot.
A meal is special,
With the soothing touch it brings.
A small belch and a contented sigh,
I know that’s all I really need.

I am a Hobbit.
I love my little garden patch,
Love the smell of fresh, tilled dirt,
Of cut green onions on the air.
I love the feeling when I plunge my hands,
Bare, into the cold, calming earth,
The dirt caking underneath my fingernails.
Plant the seeds, water them, and watch them grow.
I love that first diminutive harvest,
And proudly display my bowl of broccoli.
I love the first bite of that juicy, red tomato,
Cold and seasoned perfectly with salt.

I adore the color of my grass,
Its softness between my hobbit toes.
And I adore my little flower bed,
The bright colors and the sweetened smells,
Along with the birds and butterflies they bring.

I long to cuddle on the couch,
With a blanket and exciting book,
And not a care to have or give.
With my feet underneath me,
I still journey wide and far
To the very heart of Doom.
There and back again I go,
An adventure in my very own home.

I am a Hobbit, content with my simple life:
I eat, I drink, I read, and I work.
I cook, I clean, I sleep, and I play.
I am a Hobbit, enjoying the creature comforts of home.
I sit back, and I relax.
I smile, and I just be for a while.

I am a Hobbit.


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