Little Bitty Lies: A Review

LBLLittle Bitty Lies is a Southern Chick-lit story by master Mary Kay Andrews. It follows the story of Mary Bliss, a middle-aged woman who is blind-sided when her husband leaves her without warning and without any means of life. He wipes out their bank accounts, cashes in their life insurance, and leaves Mary Bliss and their daughter in epic amounts of debt. So she does the only thing she can think of, she takes a thankless job as a demonstration hostess and then has her husband declared legally dead.

Of course it’s not all that cut and dried. Mary Bliss’s daughter is being a typical moody teenager, her husband isn’t really dead, and the insurance company is asking questions.  Mary Bliss quickly gets in over her head.

Like with most books of this genre, there’s nothing groundbreaking or unexpected here. It’s just a mindless bit of mind candy—Delicious, but full of empty brain-calories.

4/5 Stars


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