Sharp (Mindspace Investigations #2): A Review

sharpSharp is the second Mindspace Investigations novels written by Alex Hughes. Once again, it is narrated by Adam (whose name notably has a presence in this book), a consulting telepath for the Decatur police department.

The department enlists the assistance of Adam on an unusual case, a strangulation where the victim hardly fought back. Unfortunately, Adam has been burned out and his telepathy is patchy, but he knows that he must make a good impression. His future is in jeopardy. Due to budget cuts, this case could be his last major one. Adam must also deal with his past, in the form of his previous students whom he wronged, and his present in the form of his ever-nagging drug cravings. Throwing a kink into things is Det. Isabella Cherabino, Adam’s partner of sorts. Because of an accidental mental bonding, she is pushing Adam away. 

Sharp  is a detective story, complete with a flawed hero and super-sweet telekinetic powers, with a dash of post-apocalyptic fun. Hughes manages to knit all these aspects together to create an intriguing story.

5/5 Stars 


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