Lumberfox: A Review

Lumberfox“The Lumberfox” is the fantasy that every geek girl wished they had during the recent Georgia snowpocalypse. It was the perfect size and had just the right amount of teasing–the story wasn’t half-bad either. The erotic elements are sexy and straight forward. Tara, the female character is relatable (especially to this geek girl) and she’s not some annoying dolt who’s there for the ride. She has intelligence and personality. She has insecurities, but they aren’t debilitating or distracting. But most of all, she has awesome sex with an awesome guy.

This short story from Ava Lovelace (an alias of the phenomenal Delilah S. Dawson) is not only hot, but funny as well. The humor adds to the sexy geekiness of the story. Readers won’t be able to put it down and will be left begging for more.

The Amazon self-pubbers will want to watch out. The erotica bar has been set high, and we’re only on level one.

5/5 Stars

Download “The Lumberfox” for only $.99!


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