I am Legend: A Review

The cool cover...
The cool cover…

I am Legend is one of those staple stories that, even if you’re only slightly interested in vampire or monster mythos, you should read. With its philosophical questions, it’s even earned a place in literary cannon. Written by Richard Matheson, the novella I am Legend will seriously make you think about what you would do if you were the only human left on Earth.

In some ways, the plight of Robert Neville is similar to that of Robinson Crusoe. He is marooned, alone in the world. After the world destroyed by vampirism, he is the only human left. He must learn to survive alone in a world that wants to kill him. But he must learn to survive more than just the monsters that try to break into his home every night. Solitude, bored, habit, and other things also become antagonists, leading to alcoholism and depression.

The cover of the book I read. (Oh hey, Will Smith is in this book...)
The cover of the book I read. (Oh hey, Will Smith is in this book…)

This is a quick, albeit deep and thought-provoking read. Don’t judge this book by its subject matter (Vampires!) nor by its cover (Will Smith!), else you’ll be sorely disappointed.

So why four stars instead of five?


The dog dies and all hope is lost at that moment.

4/5 Stars


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